This blog is about my aspirations as a writer and the stories and characters themselves. Here you can see updates on my stories, character profiles, concept art and more. While yo’re staying updated you can chat with me about some things, critique my work,  and discuss it. For those who don’t know me, and passersby i’ll give you a little background on myself, my inspiration, and my dreams for becoming an author.

As I grew up I could never decide on what I wanted to be. I never thought about anything I really excelled at. I was always creative but I never knew what that could get me. I was a fast learner so I thought maybe I’d be a teacher or something, but I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t have much against it, it just wasn’t my first choice. I could have done graphic design, but that’s for the more artistic people, and while I could design I couldn’t draw. I was mediocre at pretty much everything because i could learn the basics very easily, but I couldn’t make any money with mediocre talent. I have a very strong talent for interpretation, and arguing points and a lot of people told me to be a lawyer but I don’t have what it takes to be a lawyer as far as putting forth the effort to learn everything

In elementary school I was always complimented on my writing assignments, i was creative, and well written. It was around this time when I thought I could write books but with my young and lazy mind I didn’t think I would have the patience, or ability to write a story worthy of people’s money. I didn’t even like to read after all. None the less i never closed the door on being an author. I knew storytelling was my best talent.

After elementary school and on throughout middle school I worked on graphic designing because I saw fan made megaman pictures. I found a forum and joined to look at more. I learned about them and had one made for me so i could participate in sprite battles between fan made net navis (the sprites). After I learned a bit I learned how to make my own sprites and made a beginner sprite by copying and pasting parts together. Over time I got better and the sprite that I use now is made of almost pure creator customization; almost made completely from scratch. While on the forum and after having joined others as well I accomplished a lot and learned a lot more other than spriting. Since megaman wasn”t the only game that we had in common we did written role plays for other games like pokemon, ones for characters that we have all made ourselves, and characters made under specified parameters, we also did a few for megaman.  This honed my writing and creativity skills. But eventually the forums died out and we moved on. We go back and look at the chat box every now and then but it will never be full of users like it used to be

As I continued to grow up into a high school kid I got more and more into anime. The action, the characters, the concepts, and the story lines all caught my attention. I played through many Japanese origin video games, like the Final Fantasy, and Tales of, series. I read manga, and watched anime TV shows. At that point I wanted to do animation, What I really meant was being a writer but I didn’t know it yet. I wanted to write my own anime and I thought that if I had an animation degree that I would just make my anime and hope people watched it. By this time I was coming up with characters and stories in m head so that I could make them into an anime. I also had the same fear that I wouldn’t be able to write a long enough story with what I had so it was a long brainstorm of concepts and characters.

Around junior year I had figured out everything about myself and knew that I wanted to be an author. I had scrapped all the elements of the story I was writing in 9th grade because all I basically had was one character, and two fight scenes. I kept the character and his background and put him in my new story as the hero’s mentor. Not only did I have this story but I had concepts and characters for other stories, and more to spare.

When the summer came I was excited to start my post high school life and become an author. I decided to major in comparative literature at UGA where I was accepted for college. i made a few more characters and changed up the plot some and then I decided to make a timeline, once I started to write the timeline out I realized that this story I was thinking of that I had planned to put all in one book would last a lot longer and that I did have what it would take to write a story with length. I was relieved and happy, and decided that just to be sure I could that I would write the first page as a test run, but after that I couldn’t stop and I had written a prologue. I was going to stop there and keep that as a my example of what I could do but then I asked myself what was holding me back from getting started. When I almost immediately realized that the answer was nothing I continued on and am now still in the process  of completing only book one of that story which I’ve titled “The Legend of Spirit” i have ideas for a number of other stories, but my main focus is TLOS, and in knowing that you know my story as an aspiring author up to this point. For many, the first story I’ll ever tell you. Thank you for stopping by and reading, and I’m hoping this story is not the last.

Keep your eye on the “Plain Posts and Updates” category for updates, and check-ins.


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